Client Charter 

All information concerning our clients is treated in a discreet and confidential manner and we operate a Client Charter clearly outlining a client’s rights and expectations as a user of our service at Care Never Sleeps Limited.

Quality Assurance Programme
We operate a Quality Assurance Programme to ensure that we provide the highest quality of care at all times.

Complaints Procedure
Clients have the opportunity to express any dissatisfaction they may have. Any complaint received will be handled immediately, sensitively and without future discrimination.

Our Non-Discrimination Policy 
Care Never Sleeps Limited practices a policy of non-discriminatory service which is regardless of race, age, colour, religion, physical and mental disability, sexual orientation, nationality and financial circumstances etc. Strict adherence to this policy ensures that clients, care and support workers, and all carers, are always treated with equal respect and consideration.

Client Policy

Client Confidentiality