Client Confidentiality

The services provided by Care Never Sleeps Limited are strictly confidential at all times. The only people who may have access to clients’ files are health care professionals such as GPs, District Nurses or Social Services – when they provide funding for client’s care.

A majority of client information held by Care Never Sleeps Limited will be in the Care Plan in the client’s own home. The remainder of the client information will be kept securely at our head office. Clients may view this file which can be arranged either by the client telephoning our office or instructing the carer to do this. A senior administrative member of staff will then bring the file out to the client for his/her inspection.

At regular intervals our Care Manager or Liaison/Monitoring Officer will visit to ensure that our service provision is being carried out to your satisfaction and that health and safety requirements are being met.

A review of the care package will take place after 6 weeks then again after 3, 6 and 9 months. A formal review of your Care Plan will take place every 12 months,  the purpose of which will be to ensure that its directives are being adhered to and assess if any changes need to be made to meet your requirements or wishes.

Client Policy

Client Charter